1. “I guess this just goes to show you that you need a librarian to do the search for you”

    Well said.

    My thought when I saw their criteria about DMOZ was, who uses DMOZ anymore?

  2. steveb

    hi nicole. i read your post and have to agree about the flawed ranking methodology (actually pretty ridiculous) – especially the search for “librarian blog” in google. I wondered where Kept-Up Academic Librarian would show up – well it doesn’t – at least not on the first 10 or 20 pages. But CoolLibrarian is on the first page. I then did a LINK: command search on both blogs. KUAL has over 700 sites linking to it, while Cool Librarian has a mere 133 sites linking to it. Which one sounds like it’s more popular to you? but coolibrarian is a “blogger” blog – so “blog” is in the URL – twice actually – and it has the word blog in the navigation. KUAL on the other hand doesn’t even mention the word blog anywhere on the site – and it’s on typepad. Flawed indeed. That’s why I think rankings are a bad idea and should be ignored – unless they are supremely quantitative – like baseball players’ batting averages.

  3. Steve, thanks for checking! I didn’t have time to do a search and poke around, but I’m glad that you found those results.

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