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The ILS Discovery Interface Task Force, convened by the Digital Library Federation (DLF), is studying the discovery needs of research libraries and their patrons, in order to recommend interfaces to the ILS that discovery applications can use. We want to know what kinds ofdiscovery applications (outside the traditional ILS public access catalog) are most needed in libraries, and where machine-accessible interfaces (APIs) to the ILS and its data can better support these applications.

We’d like your help with this. We’ve created a survey that you, or other appropriate people in your libraries, can fill out, to give us a better idea of the functional needs your library has, the discovery applications you’re using or considering adopting at your library, and the technical infrastructure you’re using or wanting to meet your needs.

Thanks to DLF support, we now have this survey posted on SurveyMonkey, and we invite you to fill it out. You’re welcome to have multiple people at your library submit it. (which may be useful if you have different people thinking about functional requirements vs. technical infrastructure), or you can collaborate on a single submission. The survey consists of 19 questions, and can be found at

We will be meeting later this month to start drafting a set of recommendations for APIs to the ILS, so we’re on a fairly fast timeline. For your response to be considered in our drafting, you need to respond by *next Friday, September 14*. (We may do some follow up surveying of folks who indicate they’d like to be contacted, but our main data collection will take place next week.)

We may post aggregated results and anonymized comments from the survey, but nothing from the survey where particular respondents or libraries can be identified. Based on the results of this survey and our own activities, we hope to present and hold an open discussion of a draft proposal for ILS and discovery application integration at the upcoming DLF Fall Forum in Philadelphia in November.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your help!

John Mark Ockerbloom
Chair, ILS Discovery Interface Task Force

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