The grades are in

That’s right folks, it’s official. I now have my final grades and am done with library school! I am now an MLIS graduate of Drexel University (and will be paying for the rest of my life). I’ve promised a what I learned in library school post – and it’s coming, I just wanted to get these grades and catch up on some life things. Keep an eye out, both that and my survey results are coming. For now, here’s what I took in my 1 year of library school at Drexel.

INFO 503 — Intro Info System Analysis — A+
INFO 510 — Info Resources & Services I — A+
INFO 520 — Prof/Soc Aspects of Info Services — A
INFO 511 — Info Resources & Services II — A
INFO 515 — Action Research and Statistics — B
INFO 653 — Digital Libraries — A
INFO 640 — Managing Information Orgs — A
INFO 660 — Cataloging & Classification I — A+
INFO 681 — Legal Bibliography — A
INFO 643 — Information Services In Orgs — A
INFO 664 — Library Automation — A
INFO 683 — Resources for Children — A


  1. Congrats!! You did all that in one year and worked full time and did all the rest of the stuff that you do???? Wow. Superwoman!

  2. I second Jonathan’s welcoming you to the MLIS club, having recently become a member myself! Those are awesome grades and you should be proud of your accomplishments. I had to chuckle when I saw your grade for INFO 515, because that was only one of two classes in which I also got a B. The other was McCain’s INFO 620. *twitches at memory of that class*

    As for your comment about paying for it for the rest of your life, I know exactly what you mean: my loans just came due.

    Many congratulations! Make sure to frame you diploma as soon as it arrives.

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