The grades are in

That’s right folks, it’s official. I now have my final grades and am done with library school! I am now an MLIS graduate of Drexel University (and will be paying for the rest of my life). I’ve promised a what I learned in library school post – and it’s coming, I just wanted to get these grades and catch up on some life things. Keep an eye out, both that and my survey results are coming. For now, here’s what I took in my 1 year of library school at Drexel.

INFO 503 — Intro Info System Analysis — A+
INFO 510 — Info Resources & Services I — A+
INFO 520 — Prof/Soc Aspects of Info Services — A
INFO 511 — Info Resources & Services II — A
INFO 515 — Action Research and Statistics — B
INFO 653 — Digital Libraries — A
INFO 640 — Managing Information Orgs — A
INFO 660 — Cataloging & Classification I — A+
INFO 681 — Legal Bibliography — A
INFO 643 — Information Services In Orgs — A
INFO 664 — Library Automation — A
INFO 683 — Resources for Children — A


  1. Wow, that was fast. Didn’t you just start?


  2. 1 year ago! I had a goal – now it’s time to crash!!

  3. Congrats!! You did all that in one year and worked full time and did all the rest of the stuff that you do???? Wow. Superwoman!

  4. Congratulations! Those are some excellent marks!

  5. Polly, now superwoman needs a very very very long nap 🙂

  6. Welcome to the MLIS club. Now go take that nap, you deserve it!

  7. I second Jonathan’s welcoming you to the MLIS club, having recently become a member myself! Those are awesome grades and you should be proud of your accomplishments. I had to chuckle when I saw your grade for INFO 515, because that was only one of two classes in which I also got a B. The other was McCain’s INFO 620. *twitches at memory of that class*

    As for your comment about paying for it for the rest of your life, I know exactly what you mean: my loans just came due.

    Many congratulations! Make sure to frame you diploma as soon as it arrives.

  8. Congratulations Nicole! This is waaay cool.

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