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Google Presentations

Sep - 19 - 2007
Nicole C. Engard

As I mentioned earlier, I gave a Tech Topics session last night for the Philadelphia SLA Chapter. Well, a few hours before I left work for Philadelphia, I got an email informing me that Google had added presentations to their office suite.

I have tried to use some other collaborative presentation suites and always ended up going back to PowerPoint, but Google Presentations really has some awesome features! Its interface is very similar to PowerPoint, making it easy to learn. In addition to collaborative editing (a feature of all Google Office tools) you can publish your presentation and work with it as a webcast (without sound). During our class last night I published my test presentation and we were all able to chat while I changed the slides everyone was seeing. Couple that with Skype, voice chat or a conference call and you have a free collaborative webcast!

This is certainly a tool worth checking out!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Skype works… but GTalk works too. Not sure if any of those will allow you send voice out to multiple people, though.

  2. Nicole says:

    Good point, I’m a bit behind on the world of VOIP – but I’m sure there is a way this can be done.

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