Google Calendar Goodies

One of the great things about doing hands on workshops is that there is always someone there to push you learn something you didn’t know! Or someone there to tell you something you didn’t know. Now, some instructors may not like that – but I’m all for it!

On Tuesday, Tim Siftar of Drexel University asked me we could embed Google Calendars into our websites. My answer? “I dun oh” But after a bit of poking around I found out that you can in fact embed a Google Calendar into your website. Here is my example.

To share your calendar you need to:

  • Click on Manage Calendars
  • Click on the calendar you want to share
  • Choose to make the calendar public
  • Click on the HTML button at the bottom of the screen (next to Calendar Address)
  • Click on link for the configuration tool and follow the instructions

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