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Marshall Breeding (king of library automation knowledge – at least in my book) is doing a survey on library satisfaction with automation systems. The information was posted 2 months ago – so hurry up and get your answers in:

I am conducting a survey on library automation trends. The survey aims to measure how well libraries are satisfied with thier automation systems and the companies or other organizations that support them. It also attempts to get some indication of whether libraries are looking favorably on open source software for their automation system.

I’ve created instructions on how to complete the survey.

I am hoping to get a very large response to this survey. I will publish the results of the study in an upcoming article, provided I get enough responses to ensure its validity.

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  1. FYI – I just read this:

    “In order to ensure the validity of the survey, we request that only one response be provided for each library. We recognize that a variety of opinions regarding these questions may be represented within any given library. If possible, provide answers which you believe represent the views of the primary decision-makers within your library.”

    This may not get the best results – people in the front and back of the library often have very different ideas regarding their systems – and often the decision makers know very little of the day to day system workings.

    Just keep this in mind when filling out the survey.

  2. I realize that no single voice speaks for any given library. On the other hand, allowing multiple responses per library would be statistically problematic.

    I also apologize in advance for the fairly complex process for getting to the survey. I’m using the data already in lib-web-cats as part of the analysis, so having one register/login before completing the survey automatically ties it to lots of data that the responder would otherwise have to type in as part of the survey.

    Thanks for mentioning the survey. I’m still interested in gathering many more responses before I begin analyzing the results.

  3. I totally understand the multiple library people responding problem – I had that with my survey when the majority of respondents were from Syracuse. Maybe an option would be to allow the person to choose their department or area of the library – then say only one per department – that way you see what the reference folks think in comparison to what the cataloging people think – just an idea – probably too late now – but next time 🙂

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