Common Knowledge

This is just too cool. LibraryThing has added a new feature (and updated the layout of the site – I think).

Common Knowledge adds fields to every author and work, like:

* Author: Places of residence, Awards and honors, Agent
* Work: Important places, Character names, Publisher’s editor, Description

All-told there are fourteen fields. But Common Knowledge is less a set of fields than a structure for adding fields to LibraryThing. Adding more fields is almost trivial, and they can be added to anything existing or planned"”from tags and subjects, to bookstores and publishers. They can even be added to other Common Knowledge fields, so that, for example, agents and editors can, in the future, sport photos and contact information.* This can lead to, as Chris puts it, “nearly infinite cross-linking of data.”

Learn more and see some examples in Tim’s blog post.

This is just going to eat up all of my time – I’m going to have to catalog the characters in every book I own!!!

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