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I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy music from iTunes because I’m limited in what I can do – only share it on 5 computers and only use with iTunes/iPod. I feel that if I buy music I should be able to do what I want with it – not have to burn it to a CD and then rip it from that CD as an MP3 in order to get around the rules. Well, now there is an alternativeAmazon Music Store.

I played with this new tool a bit tonight – and it has a long way to go – but I think I’m going to like it more. Amazon is going to sell “unprotected digital music files in a standard MP3 format.”

The search leaves a little something to be desired in my search for Cake (the group) I got 707 results and no way to filter by artist.

Amazon Cake Search

The Amazon MP3 Downloader also doesn’t allow for MP3 searching, just managing downloads … so it too needs a bit of upgrading.

Amazon Uploader

This is certainly a tool to keep an eye on – I can’t wait to see it upgrade and add more music.


  1. Amazon has had free mp3 downloads for a while but haven’t updated any songs in about a year. I didn’t make the connection between the lack of new free songs to the plethora of new songs to purchase. In some cases, it’s still cheaper to buy the CD used.

  2. In addition to being DRM free, Amazon’s MP3s are also encoded at a higher bit rate (256Kbps) than most other MP3s out there for sale.

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