Understanding our Students

Remember this video? Almost every Web 2.0 talk starts with this video now. Thanks to Stephen I now know that this professor has put together more videos.

Information Revolution

A Vision of Students Today (This is the latest and it’s awesome! A MUST SEE VIDEO. I lve the creation process too.)

Other videos are available at the Moving Forward pages.

I just watched A Vision of Students Today and while it could use some editing (it was hard to read at some spots) it’s great! I just finished reading The Academic Library and the Net Gen Student by Susan Gibbons and while most of it was review for me (intro to Web 2.0 tools) it had some great points about understanding our students. I’ve also had the chance to talk to students and professors from the area (I’m loving being in an academic environment now!) and it’s shocking how little the students are consulted, interviewed or even considered regarding library matters. I repeat my comment from this morning:

As for the user experience – the only way to understand this is to – here's a shocker – ask the user!!! This is a hot button with me – how often do we ask our users what they want? I'm sure it's not as often as we sit it closed meetings with our colleagues discussing what we think the user wants/needs.


  1. While not as in-depth as actual surveys or studies, I work at a college library that has found a good way to get feedback from students. We have a suggestions box and neon green slips on which students can recommend books or make overall suggestions on improving the operations of the library. Slips are chosen from the box each week and librarians write a response at the bottom of each slip and put them on a bulletin board that is a high-traffic area. I often notice students gather around them (some can be quite funny) and I imagine they feel that we actually care about their opinions!

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