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As most of you know, I’m new to this area. I’ve driven past a library on my way to the grocery store that has a sign out front for a book sale. This morning, I wanted to find out more info about this event, but my county’s library website is beyond horrible. In today’s day and age, with free web design tools available all over, I’m shocked to see a site like this. The long and short of it is that there are no events listed, so I probably won’t be able to support my local library unless I go grocery shopping before the book sale and stop to read the sign out front.

It’s things like this that get me angry enough to want to help the library innovate – but if I take on one more thing right now I might burst!! Maybe after I finish working on the website for the Greater Philadelphia Law Library Association (GPLLA) – another site that’s sorely in need of some updating – but, nowhere near as bad as my local county library system!

[update] While I stand by my comments about poor design – part of the problem was a plug in I have on Firefox that disallows javascript from running without my permission – for this reason the site I saw at home did not have a menu system at all – which brings us to ask is this site accessible?

Anyway, thanks to the anonymous commenter for pointing this out for me. [/update]


  1. Not defending their site design (or lack thereof), but if you go to the navigation bar on the left, choose ‘Programs and Events’ > Calendars, then for ‘Type of Event’ choose Book Sales, I think you’ll find the information you were looking for.

  2. OH MY! You know what – it appears that my browser at home was disabling some of the content and so I did not see the menu at all when I went to this site. There must be many javascripts running (something that can only be allowed when I enable it on my Firefox due to a handy security add-on).

    Thank you! No need to be a coward 🙂

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