Books from the Espresso Machine

We all know about print on demand services like LuLu and Blurb, but what if you could go to the local coffee shop, library or bookstore and print your book on demand?

If former Random House editorial director Jason Epstein has his way, as early as next year people will be able to order books online in just about any language. And faster than you can say “Grande Caramel Macchiato,” they will be able to be pick up the finished product at a nearby bookstore, coffee shop or copy shop … The company recently received an infusion of cash, nearly $766,000, from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and has begun beta testing its Espresso Book Machine, which can print black-and-white text for a 300-page paperback with a four-color cover, and bind it together in three minutes.

Yikes! Sounds pretty nifty! And like a major change in the way we view our book stores…

Learn more at the Publishers Weekly site.

Along those same lines, Günter reports from the Open Content Alliance annual gathering that:

The OCA will experiment with scan-on-demand. If I understood correctly, the Internet Archive will offer a "Scan This" button which can be integrated into a local catalog. Once a user hits that button, it'll take them to a website where they can sponsor the digitization of an item for a cost-recovery fee. The OCA partner library then sends the book in question to the closest OCA scanning facility. The requester presumably gets notified, and the digital text becomes part of the OCA.

Also, very nifty!

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