Book Jacket Brainstorm

While watching a demo of Primo at the EMA conference today I had a brainstorm.

Most academic libraries remove the dust jackets from books before putting them on the shelf. This means that adding images of book covers isn’t quite at valuable to us as it might be to a public library. So – what if, while we were cataloging we were given a choice. We can include the dust jacket pulled from whatever source or we can choose from a color chooser so that the image shows a generic book in that color? I know that there is a catalog out there where the catalogers include the book covers – but this would be a little different – it would not only have the color coded into the record, but it would show the right colored book in the search results instead of a “no image available” image. You can even use a bit of scripting to have the book’s title printed on the generic image – like LibraryThing is doing now if your book doesn’t have a cover associated with it.

Just a little brainstorm of mine 😉

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  1. Hi,

    Could you add the ema2007 tag to this post? I’m sending a link to all my co-workers and would like this one to show up also.

    Thanks for all the info too!

  2. Hi! I was wondering why the libraries remove the dust jacket. It makes it so much harder to fine the book especially when your school has a 6 floor library and uses the Library of Congress system. In one ways, I feel the library is defacing the book by removing the book. I am just confused why they do that? To cut down on book stealing?

  3. Abby, I don’t know the real reason, but I think it’s just to make it easier to maintain the books. In public libraries they have to put jacket protectors on and could lose the call number sticker from the spine if a cover is lost – this way the sticker is right on the book and they get to throw out the jackets – less to keep track of and less work to do in the long run.

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