1. I have no ideas, but if you get some, I hope you’ll report them here!

  2. I did a WhoIs search, but didn’t see host contact info – I know others have said that they have contacted hosting providers to get sites shut down .. I just don’t know how to do this.

  3. You have to find the internet service provider and have them shut down. You will need to find their ip, which will be tricky. There is no over-arching authority like the do not call list. It is up to the internet service provider to make sure what they are doing is kosher.

  4. One more thing: the only way to prevent this yourself is to either truncate your posts, provide just a header post so people using a reader will click through to your post, or to just chalk it up to the “they suck” part of life.

  5. Thanks Jeff! I don’t mind removing spam posts and such, it’s just that I’ve had the same one over and over recently, and that’s what I want to prevent. I did some altering of my blacklist – we’ll see if that works for now.

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