1. Turn off all your plugins and turn them back on one by one. I had several break with the new version. Other than that, though, no problems…

  2. The only problems I had were the ones that I knew about from reading the list of compatible plugins on the WordPress Codex. I see that you are using tags in your posts. If you are using one of the old tag plug-ins (as opposed to simply adding the Technorati HTML to the bottom of your posts) you need to go to the “Import” function on the admin side of WordPress to bring the tags into the new built-in taxonomy structure. (More information about that in one of my posts.)

  3. Yes! The tags were something I was worried about because I am using an old plugin – thanks for the pointer!

  4. Other than the Tag plugin (unfortunately the new tagging function doesn’t give you any clue what tags you’ve already used), I thought everything went smooth for both my blogs.

  5. Hmm – I’ve been trying so hard to include tags – I’d hate to lose all of that data …

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