New Mark Twain Digital Collection

I just got this via a few of my mailing lists and thought I should share with you all.

I'm happy to announce that today the University of California launched the beta version of Mark Twain Project Online, a digital critical edition of the writings of Mark Twain, providing access to more than twenty-three hundred letters written between 1853 and 1880, including nearly 100 facsimiles of originals. The site is driven by metadata captured in METS records, the content was encoded in TEI P4, and the search, browse and display functionality was built using the XTF (the eXtensible Text Framework).

Read the full press release here.

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  1. Wow, that’s awesome. That’s an insane amount of letters. Their site looks to be off to a good start, hopefully it doesn’t die off or anything. 🙂

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