Sony Reader

Today I was in Borders on my way out the door with my Chai Latte (my favorite winter drink) when a techie toy caught my eye. It was the Sony Ebook Reader (PRS505/SC). I had read about these bad boys – but never seen one. As a librarian and a reader, I have dismissed ebook readers as no possible replacement for the real thing … but this toy is pretty darn nifty! The screen is such that there is no glare like off a regular computer monitor. The font can be adjusted so that anyone can read the page without struggling and the menu provides a way to bookmark pages. I also liked that it came in a case that make it so that you could hold the reader just like a regular book (only thinner).

I played with the page turning and the menu options and thought it could be a bit more responsive, but overall thought it was well worth looking into if more of my favorite authors become available on ebook … no let me rephrase that … I think I’d still buy my favorites in print just to complete the collection on my bookshelf – I’d probably use this for those impulse buys that I almost always give into … you know the ones – where the paperbacks are 3 for the price of 2? That’s always how I find new authors that might interest me.

Anyway, if you’re looking for an ebook reader, this is certainly a tool to take a look at.


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