Thank you library bloggers

I totally agree with Michelle and am so happy that she has put it into print – hopefully other librarians out there will learn from the biblioblogsphere – that’s why we’re here isn’t it? To share our knowledge with our colleagues:

I have been thinking about the biblioblogosphere and all the library bloggers out there, sharing experiences, successes and failures, thoughts and processes and more. I started thinking about what these faithful people have done for me, without them even knowing about it and I had to start making a list.

If it hadn’t been for library bloggers I would never have:
– started reading blogs
– started reading the library literature more widely
– started writing book reviews for the library literature
– started reading outside my profession for parallel experiences and new ideas
– started my own blog, to share my own experiences
– discovered the amazing resources and programs available out there
– participated in Learning 2.0 and become a champion for my library’s staff when doing the same
– been invited to participate in a librarian group blog – Libraries Interact, with a great group of motivated librarians from around Australia
– been motivated to apply for and receive the scholarship and conduct the study tour I did in April this year
– pushed for my library to start its own blog
– started using mashups on my library’s website – only just scratching the surface here though so far
– developed increased confidence in myself, my skills and the new skills and inspiration I was receiving from your posts
– asked to participate and then actually write a chapter for a book being published in the UK next year
– gathering new inspiration and ideas to play with and hopefully translate into something my library service can utilise and better serve my patrons
– had the confidence to submit proposals to library conferences in Australia
– had the inspiration to write for the library literature in Australia (still working on that one).
…. and that list is just off the top of my head, without any long consideration.

I have progressed more professionally in the last 3 years, than I had in the previous 19. Even though my job title hasn’t changed much, the work that I do, my love of it and my wider knowledge of the profession has grown exponentially (and there is potential in the job situation, so that may better reflect this development soon too).

And it’s all because library bloggers out there unselfishly decided to take the time to share their thoughts, experiences and more. They took a risk, put themselves out there, not knowing whether anyone would read and I again want to say thanks.

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