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Did you know that Gmail added Permalinks? Thanks to Google Blogoscoped for pointing me to these tips on the Official Gmail Blog. Among them is the fact that the URLs in Gmail have changed so that you can easily copy and paste them.

Now, I’m trying to find a good use for this – and other than having a shared email account – why would I want to keep a permalink? I’m not sure – maybe it’s an email with very important data – but then I usually just “star” it … I’ll have to think this through – but if you have ideas, feel free to share. For now, here are 3 ideas from Google Blogoscoped:

Here's why this can be useful:

  • Sometimes a conversation thread contains details for a certain event, an event which you now decide to add to e.g. Google Calendar. What's easier than copying & pasting the conversation information into your event? Right, just linking to the Gmail thread from your calendar event is. (Your thread is password-protected with your Google account credentials of course, so you won't create an additional privacy risk either – though I would probably not post such permalinks in public places, who knows what the permalink ID can be abused for with some hack!)
  • You can now share searches with a friend, e.g. tell them "Check out the previous mail I sent you at …".
  • You can now bookmark certain labels. In Firefox, you can also then create a shortcut for such a label bookmark. Say you bookmarked "" – right-click the bookmark and select properties; in the keyword field, enter "job". Now, you can enter "job" in the Firefox address bar at any time to be taken straight to your Gmail job label/ folder and the conversations contained within it.

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