Yahoo Pipes – Take 2

Kuyper Pipe

I wrote a short while ago about finally understanding how to use Yahoo! Pipes and since then I’ve been playing. I have come up with a pretty complicated looking Pipe that does something so simple – something we’ve wanted for a while.

Just click the image to the left to see the full screenshot – but basically I’m using this to pull the RSS feed out of our Wikindx page which we use to keep our Abraham Kuyper Bibliography and editing the results so we only see new items and we don’t see who did the adding – since our users don’t care who it was to added the item – they just want to know that there is a new item.

Anyway, if you were confused about what Pipes could do – then I recommend reading Mashing Up Multiple Web Feeds Using Yahoo! Pipes, an article By Jody Condit Fagan in the recent issue of Computers in Libraries and then start poking around. Another great way to learn about pipes is to clone other people’s pipes and learn from what they’re doing.

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