Movable Type Follows Suit

When I give my blog presentations I always mention MovableType, but I also mention that it’s not open source like WordPress (which is my blog tool of choice). Now, MovableType has an open source free option for non-commercial use.

As of today, and forever forward, Movable Type is open source. This means you can freely modify, redistribute, and use Movable Type for any purpose you choose….

  • MTOS has every feature in Movable Type 4.0 along with several new minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • All plugins, themes, templates, designs, and APIs that work with MT4 work with MTOS. MTOS also works with other Six Apart open source technologies such as memcached.
  • MTOS is one of the only open source blogging tools with
    built-in support for an unlimited number of blogs, an unlimited number
    of authors, and sign-in with OpenID, with no plugins needed.

Learn more here.

Found via LibrarianInBlack.

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