Code4Lib Scholarship Winners

I was lucky enough to win a scholarship to attend Code4Lib last year – and to be on the committee that chose this year’s winners – so I’m happy to announce that the winners have been chosen:

We are happy to announce the winners of the Oregon State University / Code4lib Scholarships.

The OSU / Code4lib Gender Diversity Scholarship was awarded to Deborah Mouw, Electronic Resources Specialist at Western Michigan University Libraries.

The OSU / Code4lib Diversity Scholarship was awarded to Ranti Junus, Systems Librarian for Web Services and Electronic Resources at Michigan State University Libraries.

In addition to congratulating the winners, the search committee would also like to thank all of the applicants – we had a record number of applications for this year’s scholarships, and there were many deserving candidates, of which we could only pick two winners. We are greatly encouraged that each year the number of applicants and the overall quality of the applicant pool continues to grow and improve.

There were so many amazing people to choose from, the committee had a hard time making up their minds. I hope to see some of you try again next year! Congrats and see you both at Code4Lib (since I’ll be there again this year).

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