The Future of Bibliographic Control: A Time of Transition

This is an interesting sounding event hosted by NFAIS at PALINET headquarters:

The Internet, search engine technology, and the growth in electronic resources have significantly changed both the publishing and the library environments. And a new, born-digital generation of information seekers is accelerating the pace of change as they embrace technology and integrate it into all aspects of their lives. This evolution from a print to digital information environment is forcing all those involved in bibliographic control for information access and retrieval to rethink traditional practices and procedures – even to rethink the concept of journals and issues! How does digital article-by-article publishing impact library acquisitions and cataloging as well as processing by traditional abstracting and indexing services? How can user-generated be leveraged to enrich bibliographic services? Can librarians and content providers collaborate in the creation and sharing of bibliographic data? What new forms of bibliographic control are emerging? And what opportunities does the future hold for the traditional players in bibliographic control?

The event takes place on the 28th of March and if you register on or before March 8th, you get a discount.

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