Another Satisfied Customer

I had a great chat with a friend today:

Nicole Engard:: lol
Nicole Engard:: why?
Anne: because i just found all the awesome stuff that my library card will get me at my local library
Anne: as far as on the internet stuff goes
Nicole Engard:: hehe
Nicole Engard:: great!
Anne: i can get MCSE training materials for free on the internet
Nicole Engard:: awesome
Anne: and audiobooks which im sure i’ll be able to hack
Anne: and programming references
Anne: and im sure a bunch of other stuff
Anne: OH
Anne: awesome
Anne: apparently O’reilly’s Safari was bought by ProQuest
Anne: and i have access to ALL of that for free
Anne: man, libraries need to publish this crap!
Anne: this is such a resource
Anne: thousands of dollars worth of information
Nicole Engard:: hehe – totally copying & pasting to blog
Anne: yeah yeah
Anne: i figured
Anne: but man
Anne: this is a MINT
Nicole Engard:: LOL
Nicole Engard:: I know
Nicole Engard:: and it’s true
Nicole Engard:: libraries have to advertise this stuff
Anne: i feel like i should write an article for slashdot
Anne: or something
Anne: maybe ill write a life@icrontic article about libraries
Anne: and how awesome of a resource they are
Nicole Engard:: yes
Nicole Engard:: do that
Anne: i think i will
Anne: it’ll just be a short snippet i suppose
Anne: but it’ll get me started
Anne: im sure alot of counties libraries’ have safari access
Nicole Engard:: i’m not sure
Nicole Engard:: safari costs a lot
Nicole Engard:: ….
Anne: oh wow…i dont even have to log in
Nicole Engard:: LOL
Nicole Engard:: that’s awesome
Anne: it’s just according to the referring URL
Anne: it’s awesome
Anne: im very psyched
Nicole Engard:: good
Anne: YES

The moral of the story is – advertise your services 🙂 your patrons will be grateful and find it “awesome”!

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