1. elle

    This was such a great conference. I only wish there were a few demos of an open source ILS in action. It was great seeing the acquisition function but I was hoping to see a bit of circ and ILL from those who use such modules on a daily basis. I think more follow-up discussion, a part 2, if you will, would be welcome by many librarians. My humble 2 cents!

  2. Elle, you can demo the staff end of Koha on the LibLime site (keep in mind there is a new release coming soon). You can also call either company and ask for a web or live demo. If you were there, then I live in your area.

  3. elle

    Thanks Nicole! I appreciate the offer. I’m going to take a closer look at evergreen, etc. I work as a virtual reference librarian and believe me when I tell you that online users are delighted with the functionality and choices offered by ILS systems such as waldo.

  4. Hi Elle:

    You can try out the Evergreen circulation and cataloging functions at http://demo.gapines.org – install the Evergreen staff client and use one of the preconfigured usernames / passwords to connect.

    You can also use those usernames and passwords to connect to the OPAC and play around with bookbags, etc, to see what the patron experience is like.

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