Library Bans Social Networking

I’m sure it’s not the first, but this picture from Michael Stephens is so sad. This is why I love that my job lets me go out to libraries and educate librarians.

Today I went to my new public library – yes, I’m a bad librarian who hasn’t stopped in since moving – and was relatively pleased. The reference librarians were much friendlier than at my last library, the circulation staff looked happy to be at work (another difference from my previous public library) and they had a really neat sign at the reference desk that said “Please disturb” 🙂

All that, and I only used the computers for database searching, so I’m not sure what’s blocked – if anything – but the lady next to me was shopping on Ebay – so that wasn’t blocked.


  1. Having worked at a public library in the past, I am wondering what made them come to this decision. If they have a limited number of computers, it might be that there were not any available to look up books/use databases/etc. If this was the case, I can understand why they wanted to make such a decision. I think there are better ways to handle this, but I can understand the dilemma.

  2. Well, my public library has a timer on the computers. I can only use the catalog computers for 10 minutes (and I can reserve a station if I want) and I can only use the other computers for 60 minutes – this is one way to resolve the issue… but I do understand what you’re saying. I’ve been in libraries and unable to search the catalog because all computers were occupied.

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