CIL2008: Open Source Solutions to Offer Superior Service

Amy De Groff, Head of Library Technology Services talked to us about using open source at the Howard County Public Library. Amy started by telling us that she was not going to convince us that open source is a good thing – the other speakers had already done enough of that.

Amy’s library will be entirely open source by September – which is pretty darn awesome!! With open source software there is nothing you can’t do. That said, she reminded us that open source deployment is going to create emotional turmoil – but what change doesn’t?

Before going on, Amy warned us that she was going to talk about dirty underside of our profession and that it may cause discomfort. The truth is that as information professionals we must know it all and that it’s always been this way – and this is the wrong way to think about things.

The library profession can learn from the open source community and the open source community will benefit from the library profession’s commitment and standards of service.

People ask her how she did it – how she changed the library over to open source – her answer of “we just did” didn’t seem like enough for many librarians – but it was good enough for me! The fact is that we spend way too much time debating and meeting and discussing – and not enough time doing! Good job Amy for “just doing!”

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  1. Nice–I love brave people! I guess I should say I love people who are not so terrified to try new things.

    Break out of the fear-plex people!

    Thanks for your Post Nicole!

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