New Library Press Site

New from Blake Carver the man behind LISNews & LISHost:

I started a new site, LISWire – The Librarian’s News Wire (, and I’m doing my best to spread the word. You can probably guess what the site is all about from the name, but there’s also 2 mailing lists, and a bunch of RSS feeds. Robin Blum and I are running the show and are looking for press releases and other news items of interest to librarians to get things going. You can sign up for an account and submit things you’d like to announce to the library world. I’ll be cross posting most announcements to LISNews for a little while until we see how much traffic we get at LISWire.

I wonder if this means LISNews won’t have press releases anymore – or if this is going to be in addition to that? Either way – I’m subscribed – are you?

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