Faxing via the Web

When I started working at home I realized how inconvenient it was to not have a fax machine (we don’t have a land line – but our printer can fax…). I spent ages searching for a fax tool that would let me do everything with PDFs online. Today I find a link to Drop.io fax on Lifehacker.

Drop.io itself is a pretty neat service:

Drop.io enables you to create simple private exchange points called “drops.”

The service has no email signup and no “accounts.” Each drop is private, and only as accessible as you choose to deliberately make it. Create multiple drops, add any type of media, and share or subscribe as you want. To make a drop just click the big red button that says ‘drop it’

Adding fax, just makes it that much cooler!

You can now fax documents directly into and directly out of your drop, for free.

No more fax machines, or expensive online fax services. Faxing just shouldn’t be that hard – and it should be free. With drop.io it is both easy and free.

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