Flickr on Photoshop Express

Since finding Photoshop Express, I haven’t used it … Why not? Because I upload hundreds of photos to Flickr each month and I don’t want to have to upload them to other places too. Now, I have a reason to re-visit Photoshop Express – Flickr support!

This from DownloadSquad:

At the conference call in March, we asked Adobe about their plans for integrating Photoshop Express with other web services and they assured us Flickr support was on the way. It’s available now and we think it adds a lot of value to both services. Now you can download your Flickr photos directly into Photoshop Express for cropping, color correction, digital effects, etc. Photos edited with Photoshop Express can be immediately re-exported/uploaded to Flickr all in one seamless step.


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  1. Flickr introduced integration with Picnik a while back, and I actually used it for the first time just this weekend. Works very smoothly, and it sounds like the way it integrates with Flickr is pretty similar.

  2. I actually tried to use that and my picture was too high a resolution and Picnik ended up turning my picture into a negative…. not sure what that was about.

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