RSS for TV Addicts

Well – real TV addicts have DVR or Tivo or some such way to get new episodes, but if you can’t afford those and want to keep up with your new TV shows, mytvrss looks pretty neat!!

Select your favorite shows below, and then click “Create feed” to generate your own personalized RSS feed. We’ll then alert you through the RSS feed the day an episode is aired. You don’t have to register!

My mother has 2 (maybe 3) VCRs in her house to record her shows – after I teach her about RSS, this might be pretty handy for her.

Found via DownloadSquad.


  1. “Happy Mother’s Day tooo me”; “Happy Mother’s Day tooo me”; Happy Maather’s Day, dear Cheryl……Happy Mother’s Day to me!!!” 😉

  2. Ummm … that has nothing to do with my post 😉

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