Blackboard comes to Facebook

This doesn’t make me like Blackboard anymore, but it’s worth mentioning that you can now access Blackboard via Facebook with a new app.

Let’s face it. You would live on Facebook if you could. Imagine a world where you could manage your entire life from Facebook – it’s not that far off! Right now, though, one thing missing is your academic life. You have to access a different system to get your course information and you don’t always know when something new has been posted or assigned, so it’s difficult for you to stay on top of your studies. We get it. That’s why Blackboard is offering Blackboard Sync™, an application that delivers course information and updates from Blackboard to you inside Facebook.

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  1. Sweet! That has been a long time coming. I hope the other LMS providers follow suit — we’re switching to ANGEL at my school so won’t be able to take advantage.

    Definitely doesn’t make up for Blackboard sucking, but it’s a step in the right direction. I wonder, though, if they make schools pay for some feature lots of schools don’t have to take advantage of this app. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

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