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Back in February I bookmarked Google Sites, but didn’t write about it because it was only available via Google Apps (which I get to use at work). Today I read that Google Sites is now available to all!

A few months ago, Google launched Google Sites, a hosted wiki product built on JotSpot technology. But until this week, Google Sites was only available to Google Apps users, which basically meant you needed to have your own domain name to set up a wiki. Now Google is opening Google Sites up to everyone.

You can sign up by logging into Google Sites using your Google ID, or by registering for a new free account. Your page will be created at If you want a custom domain, you can still sign up for the service through Google Apps.

I’m using Google Sites for several work sites and it’s a pretty darn handy tool. That said it seems to have a couple of downsides:

  1. When logged into my sites it logs me out of my docs
  2. There is a few missing levels of permissions, I want to be able to let people comment, but not edit pages
  3. It allows you to embed Google Docs (very cool) but then they’re not full text searchable.

I’m sure Google is working on upgrading this tool, so it’s well worth taking a look at for your organization’s shared site.

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