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New Site

May - 29 - 2008
Nicole C. Engard

I mentioned that the new Beta site was available back in January, but the new site wasn’t ready until now! If you’re interested in searching Borders online apart from Amazon (which is where Borders has been for years), then give their new site a look.

I certainly like the new homepage and the shelf browsing feel it offers … very Borders-like :)

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  1. Johanna says:

    I’m glad they are separating from Amazon, since Amazon is well known for union busting. I refuse to give my money to a (virtual) big box store that prevents its employees from forming a collective bargaining unit. My local independent bookstore, the Big Blue Marble ( will special order anything they don’t have in stock, and the money stays in the neighborhood. I know plenty of people will continue to shop at Borders, so I’m really glad they’ve got their own e-commerce thing going.

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