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Print versus Online

Jun - 3 - 2008
Nicole C. Engard

Business Week 6/2/08
Originally uploaded by Michael Casey

The other day, Michael Casey posted this photo. Like the others who commented on the photo, I wanted to find the article and read it – but I didn’t go to my local library (shame on me) or to my bookstore, I went straight to the BusinessWeek website. I wanted to find the article online – and I did!

I was surprised to find such a new article available without having to buy the print, but it turns out there is a new way for these publishers to make money. Ads! I’m not talking about the kinds of ads that AdBlock protects me from either – I’m talking commercials!! Yep, there was a commercial at the top of the article that I had to keep pausing so I could read the article without interruptions.

I guess it’s time to install a plugin to stop all videos from running without asking me first ….

4 Responses so far.

  1. Conan says:

    You probably have to write the CSS for each site, but the Stylish plugin for firefox and the “display: none” tag have worked wonders for me on a number of these types of sites.

    Worth doing for sites you spend a lot of time on.

  2. Jonathan.Gorman says:

    Flashblock will set you free

  3. pollyaliada says:

    Interesting, I too went to the Business Week site to read it and had no problem. Now you have me wondering what I’ve installed to block things and have forgotten about!

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