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Business Week 6/2/08
Originally uploaded by Michael Casey

The other day, Michael Casey posted this photo. Like the others who commented on the photo, I wanted to find the article and read it – but I didn’t go to my local library (shame on me) or to my bookstore, I went straight to the BusinessWeek website. I wanted to find the article online – and I did!

I was surprised to find such a new article available without having to buy the print, but it turns out there is a new way for these publishers to make money. Ads! I’m not talking about the kinds of ads that AdBlock protects me from either – I’m talking commercials!! Yep, there was a commercial at the top of the article that I had to keep pausing so I could read the article without interruptions.

I guess it’s time to install a plugin to stop all videos from running without asking me first ….


  1. You probably have to write the CSS for each site, but the Stylish plugin for firefox and the “display: none” tag have worked wonders for me on a number of these types of sites.

    Worth doing for sites you spend a lot of time on.

  2. Flashblock will set you free

  3. Interesting, I too went to the Business Week site to read it and had no problem. Now you have me wondering what I’ve installed to block things and have forgotten about!

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