Loving the 2.0 World

I have to say that I love the power of the web! I have called companies and written emails and never gotten the response I get when I write here about those same companies. If February it was Comcast that contacted me personally after writing a post here about my service and last night it was Adobe who wants to help me fix the display of the new Acrobat.com website on my computer (how awesome is that?).

You have to love that now we finally have a way to get support 🙂

That said there is also a message here for libraries – are you monitoring the web for what people are saying about you???


  1. Seriously? COMCAST?! Something froze over….. 🙂

  2. Hehe 🙂 Well they (Comcast) wanted to explain that they weren’t evil … but Adobe is doing an awesome job of trying to solve my problems 😉

  3. Comcast seems to be floating around out on the web keeping an eye out for disgruntled customers. I know they’re on Twitter, and I’ve heard or one or two other instances of people complaining via a blog and finally getting a response.

    On the one hand, it’s great that there is a way to get the customer support, but on the other hand, shouldn’t they just fix what’s broken in their regular processes?

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