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Hi all! I’m looking for recommendations for the best RSS to Email tools out there. I still get people asking me how to get RSS updates via email so I want to offer them good suggestions and I haven’t played with any of these tools.

Comments are open for suggestions.


  1. Hi Nicole.

    Most obvious is to burn a Feedburner feed and use the emailing function of that.

    RSS2Mail for Opera :

    Other people will have their faves that they have used, but *another* option is to look at modding your email reader to receive and display RSS feeds.

    Netscape Thunderbird has an inbuilt RSS reader. Outlook 2007 also allows you to add a “RSS feeds” mailbox for feeds. I have used RSS Popper ( ) to add an “RSS” mailbox to earlier versions of Outlook.

  2. Kathryn,

    I’m making a suggestion to non techie people who are clicking an RSS link on a web page – so feedburner is a bit overkill for that.

    Thanks for the other suggestions!!

  3. Are they just trying to get email updates of your site? If so, then Kathryn’s right and you should just offer the Feedburner Email Subscriptions functionality in your sidebar. It’s just an embeddable chunk of code. Piece of cake to implement and simple as can be for readers. You can see what that looks like on my blog.

    If they’re trying to get email updates of all of their feeds, then David’s suggestion is probably the way to go.

  4. Greg, I’m thinking of a tool I’d mention in classes and so it’s for all feeds – not just this site.

    David, thanks!!

  5. I use OUTLOOK 2007 (business) and AOL (MyAOL) to receive RSS. Both seem to work fine.

  6. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for both mail and several RSS feeds. Subscribing is pretty painless. However, I have only used it on Windows….

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