1. I agree that cataloging should definitely be taught in library school. The cataloging rules may be changing but in the meantime, libraries still need people who know what to do with a MARC record. In addition, not all libraries are going to jump on the bandwagon and immediately convert to the new procedure. So it behooves one to take the cataloging course that is offered.

    The ideal way to learn cataloging is to take the course AND work in a library (I was fortunate to have that opportunity). Of course “ideal” and “real” may rhyme but are two different entities altogether.

  2. I agree that cataloging should be required, because it’s the foundation for access to information in any library. Just as a general knowledge of reference services is also necessary, regardless of what you actually do. (Always remember the end user.)

    I think UW has a great program, and I slightly regret not applying there. At the same time, I strongly believe that the more you put into an education, the more you’ll get out of it. Every online program is going to struggle giving their students a strong practical foundation, especially if those students have little to no library experience, but students need to work hard to compensate. Just as if you know you want to work in systems or management, and you don’t have the background, you need to pursue those interests (perhaps outside of the program). I say this as somebody who’s getting a second degree in Information Systems, because I knew I’d lean in that direction.

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