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More fun with Wordle

Jun - 26 - 2008
Nicole C. Engard

I wanted to try Wordle again. I decided to put in my resume from LinkedIn and my Publications & Presentations to see who I was according to Wordle.

My Wordle
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I see this as an addicting little toy … what else can you create a Wordle tag cloud with??

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Debra says:


    I really like the idea of creating a resume using Wordle!

    Imagine if someone were to send a Wordle resume in response to a job ad instead of a traditional one! I’m just starting my library career, so I’ll have to pass :)

  2. kevinyezbick says:


    For the month of July our library is going to be creating a display using the combination of Wordle and texts in the public domain. With a little bit of editing to take out the legalese – we’re taking classics from and other ebook locations – dropping them into wordle and creating word clouds. We plan on making this an interactive quiz display for the patrons to see if they can guess which word cloud belongs to which classic. Hoping it’s a success! I’ll be taking pictures when we get it setup.

  3. Joan says:

    Error in post.

    Hi, I was a bit confused when I clicked on your link post… “I wanted to try Wordle again” and went to, which is a totally different site than the one you are posting about with is

    I thought you might like to know.

    I love your posts


  4. Nicole says:

    Thanks for pointing that out! It’s fixed.

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