Yelp Makes it to the Big Time

But when can you truly say that a company has “made it?”

It’s when people start hating you, of course.

Sites like Yelp-Sucks and IHateYelp have been popping up, with the general theme being an angry business owner who was Yelped. Those business owners that think they must use Yelp for competitive reasons are getting frustrated over some of Yelp’s policies, and are starting to complain about it. Loudly.

The good news for Yelp is that when businesses are afraid of you, it’s only because they realize how much power you really have. See, for example, Paypal and Ebay, two of the most reviled and profitable businesses on the Internet.

Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman said recently in the NY Times, “We put the community first, the consumer second and businesses third.” Their goal is clearly to make businesses need Yelp, but not to expect a lot of help when it comes to disputes. Complain all you want, you’re just proving that you need Yelp more than they need you.

This from TechCrunch.

I’ve been a member of Yelp since soon after my wedding when I had a big complaint to post about my photographer! I then sort of forgot about the site until I started working for LibLime. I am traveling so much that Yelping has become a hobby for me. I review every place I go while traveling and have been going back to review places I have been in the past. Unlike the implications above, I actually have mostly positive reviews on my account with only a few below 3 stars.

This is a great tool and over my vacation I invited something like 50 people to join Yelp and share their reviews. Now I’m inviting all of you! Join in the fun!

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  1. I had no idea there were those two actual hate sites out there (though only one seems somewhat busy) – weird! At the first site, I hope those issues get ironed out –

    On the second site, I totally see where a business might feel lambasted from lots of negative reviews (regardless of whether the business is doing anything wrong). There’s not much policing of content on Yelp (and practically zero accountability), and abuse exists all around – it’s a shame, and a problem I hope Yelp is working on. At the same time, there’s promise, of course, from cool members like you!

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