New Look & Feel

Well, it was time for a change here at What I Learned Today… and so I spent yesterday and today trying to perfect a new theme. I know most of you read this through an aggregator, but if you get a chance visit the site and let me know what you think.


  1. My first reaction is that it looks a lot less “busy.” The items on the right hand side in particular look more inviting. I like the header, too. Congratulations on the improvement!

  2. Love the colors and the books on the sidebar headers. Nice job!

  3. Looks fresh. Not sure about the books on all of the side headings. I’d like it on just the first – the book about “the blog author”.

    I think it would keep it cleaner and work better with the new look.

  4. It’s a nice layout, but unless my monitor colors are off, it looks a little like Christmas…

  5. It is green and red .. so your monitor is not off.

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