How to get me to buy an e-book reader

I know that this isn’t the point of this guest blog post by Nick Hornby – but it’s an amazing idea!!

Nick talks about why e-books and e-book readers are not going to get the kind of audience they want. He compares books to vinyl and e-books to CDs and e-book readers to mp3 players. In one of his examples he says:

E-book readers have a couple of disadvantages, when compared to mp3 players. The first is that, when we bought our iPods, we already owned the music to put on it; none of us own e-books, however. The second is that so far, Apple is uninterested in designing an e-book reader, which means that they don’t look very cool.

Do you spot the awesome idea?? Why not make it so that those of us who own certain books can get the same books in e-format? If I could have my entire library in e-book format without having to re-buy it I would buy a Kindle today!


  1. You are seeing that with some travel books. Either online access to full book or atleast online updating.

    But it would be a brilliant idea, especially for more technical/how-to type books.

  2. Ooo – which travel books? One particular brand?

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