How to be productive & social

This from Lifehacker:

Editor: We asked self-described social media junkie Steve Rubel for his tips on how to participate in online social sites like Twitter and FriendFeed without losing your entire workday. Here’s what he said.

Social media is the equivalent of digital food. It’s nourishing, tasty and, for many of us, necessary. However, consume too much and you can get sidetracked and create larger consequences. The good news is you can participate in social media in a way that adds value to your life. You just need to know how to manage it so so that it does not devour your attention—the most valuable commodity of the digital age.

Steve goes on to give readers 3 tips:

  1. Set a North Star
  2. Apply the Pareto Principle
  3. Schedule Time to be Social

Learn more at Lifehacker.

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