Should we not train older generations?

This is an interesting response to a question posed by Stephen Baker from Business Week.

@diabolicalpnthr responded (in 2 tweets): “It kills productivity to have to explain social media and new technologies to the older generation in an office. It’s hard to get an older… coworker to try new things, so you end up a)explaining all the time or b)doing it for them.”

Yikes!! As someone who is out there training all of the time this is disappointing. I hope that my training hasn’t gone without making a change. I also don’t agree with this negative view! There are always people who don’t want to learn new things or who take longer than others to train, but that doesn’t mean that we should give up.

Read other responses in Stephen’s post.

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  1. Libraries are especially well positioned to train social media and new technologies to the older generation in an office / school / community. Those clever & entrepreneurial librarians at Yarra Plenty Regional Library [YPRL], in Melbourne Australia for example are about to start a learning 2.0 programme for their library patrons. The programme is called “A Taste of the Web” and is based on the successful Learning 2.0 and Learning 2.1 programmes developed by Helene Blowers for librarians in the States.

    As a result of all these programmes, both librarians and patrons are empowered to use Web 2.0. As a result, everyone gets an opportunity to learn, and people are not left behind on the wrong side of the digital divide. What a great idea!

    Check out the programme at

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