1. NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Spam Karma! And spammers love my blog. Dangit. Hoping that someone picks up Spam Karma’s open source and runs with it.

  2. Yippee! The only times I’ve noticed Spam Karma 2, I’ve been left hoping that its user gets reincarnated as tinned chopped meat. Maybe I only notice it when it malfunctions, but it doesn’t seem a good way to fight spam.

  3. MJ,

    Not that I want to take you away from the more important open source project (Koha) but maybe you should take over this one and make it awesome!!

    From a blog owner’s perspective, this tool is the only thing stopping me from getting posts on drugs that my readers don’t want to read about – even with Akismet on and installed.

  4. I’m finding that TypePad Antispam and Sitewide Comment Moderation (a plugin I’ll release soon after WPMU 2.6) are working well for me, so I don’t have a need for SK2. SK2 seems a horrible plugin, with its eyetests and so on.

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