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My blog says that WordPress 2.6 is available – and I should update. I clicked the link and was brought to the download page. I thought that a feature of 2.5 was automatic updates – anyone know what’s going on? Why do I have to do the whole download/upload thing?

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  1. I use the InstantUpgrade plugin to do an automated WP upgrade, but I heard about the auto updates feature in 2.5 too, which I’ve never actually seen anywhere. I thought they were going to include InstantUpgrade by default. However, if you’d like a stable one click upgrade tool for WP, you can’t beat it.

  2. John,

    Thanks for the reminder! I have that installed 🙂 Now I’m upgraded.

  3. news: I upgraded to 2.6 via InstantUpgrade, and then subsequently could not login (!). That’s all resolved now (reset password via email, etc. etc.) but I did notice that you can indeed auto-upgrade plugins without InstantUpgrade. Here’s a quote from my plugin list: “There is a new version of WordPress Thread Comment available. Download version here or upgrade automatically.”

    I do not believe this is additional functionality outside of the WP core, but I’m not sure either – it could be one of my cool 16 plugins doing this. This may be what the 2.5 auto upgrade feature was all about. However, I hope InstantUpgrade becomes part of the core – a great tool, even when it’s teh FAIL.

  4. I think John’s right, the automatic upgrades for plugins was the new feature that came with 2.5. Frequent upgrades is the one thing that annoys me about WordPress. I really should install that InstantUpgrade plugin…

  5. Jonathan, you’re right – I was wrong – but I do have the InstantUpgrade plugin – that’s what I was remembering.

  6. It may be a great tool for those who are able to use it, but I wasn’t able to utilize it on my desktop for some reason. What I would up having to do to get it working included getting a full uninstaller program, cleaning out all of the registry entries related to wordpress, then actually re-installing it. By having a copy of the plugin on my flash drive, I connected it, install it after the WB installation, then got it to work. Mind you, I de-frag and check for errors weekly coupled with having Norton Ghost backing up all of my data and a rock-solid firewall/antivirus/spyware installed, so I had no idea why it didn’t work w/ the autoupdater. *shrugs*

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