1. Jeff Peters


    As I posted on Matt’s blog, once you actually start requiring support, the proof is in the response time of your issue. Users that post to our forums generally get a response within one hour. (I can’t say that all OSS projects have speedy responses, but most do) When is the last time anyone opened a support ticket with IBM. I have waited days to get a response only to find out that it got lost somewhere between here and India or ? Free licenses, fast support, and the ability to add / change code which supports your needs. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    Jeff Peters
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  2. I’ll use libraries as the example since that’s our big foray into OSS: I’m willing to bet that most of the libraries in the market for a new ILS will cite poor support as part of their reason for wanting to switch. If support is bad from the vendor they’re using, what makes them think it will be better from another one with the same business model? Better to re-think their own role in customer/vendor arrangement.

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