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I just read that Gmail has improved their contact handling by not putting every address you ever contact into your contacts list.

We’ve heard from some of you that Gmail’s auto-added contacts can lead to too much address book clutter. One of the advantages of automatically creating contacts is that all of the addresses you email subsequently show up in auto-complete. We wanted to preserve this benefit while giving you the ability to have a clean, uncluttered contact list, and we’ve come up with a solution that’s rolling out this week. It separates your contacts into two groups: “My Contacts” and “Suggested Contacts.”

This is all well can good – but can you tell me how to send a message to someone on my contacts without typing their name first? When using Google Apps through work I have a button that lets me do this:

But when using my personal email account it looks different:

As for why my Gmail looks all dark and pretty – that’s because I’ve installed a neat skin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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