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Okay – can someone tell me why I’d want to say yes to this prompt on YouTube?

I clicked the question mark, but it just tells me how to link them – not why I’d care to link them.

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  1. I don’t know what the benefit is, but I can imagine. For instance, the relation might show related favorited videos from your youtube account in related search results, which may or may not be useful. I don’t have a better answer than that, but I am definitely a Google kool-aid drinker.

  2. Hmm… So that if your IP address comes up in Viacom’s sift of YouTube’s usage data they can pull your name and address faster?

  3. It is to automatically login you into your youtube account by using your google login. Since blogger and youtube are not original google products (thus, your google login wouldn’t work with them out of the box), in order to have one login for both of those, you have to connect(map) your user names (just once).

    I connected my google account to blogger for the same purposes. After I read my gmail and google reader, I click on >more>even more on the tool bar, click on the blogger link, and I am logged in and ready to go. I mean, blog. ;-D

    Of course, then your profiles are publicly tied together, but given that they are all under the same umbrella now, I think they know who you are, regardless. 😉

    The other option for centralized login, which will become increasingly more available, will be to use openid.

    have a good day, robin

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